My two children (ages 8 and 10) have attended the Big Blue Soccer camp for the past two summers and have had an amazing experience.  They learned so much and had such a good time the first summer that they encouraged a number of their friends to join them for the camp.  Last summer I drove a carpool of seven kids and loved hearing them all share their stories of the new skills they had learned and their discussions of the standings in the Big Blue Cup tournament.  It was a great mix of competition and camaraderie.  The coaches were enthusiastic and made it a wonderful experience for everyone.



Big Blue Soccer Camp was a great experience that helped me improve and develop my soccer skills. Big Blue Soccer Camp helped me with my shooting and passing skills and helped me develop my overall soccer game. The Big Blue Soccer Camp's program is an effective learning experience, with immediate results. The Fun Warm ups, the fast paced drills, exciting games, one-on-one training, and the player evaluations help the campers realize their strengths and weaknesses in a fun atmosphere and at a fantastic facility. Big Blue Soccer Camp developed the skills I need to play for a U-14 Gold soccer club and as a ninth grader played for Loyola High School's JV soccer team. Big Blue Soccer Camp was one of the best soccer experiences I've enjoyed and will remember for years to come. I highly recommend the Camp to anyone who is looking to improve his or her soccer game!  


Big Blue Soccer camp is the best soccer camp there is.  I found Big Blue last summer and I am sad that I didn't find it sooner.  The instructors are great!  They help you with the fundamentals of soccer.  My best experience was winning the Big Blue Cup.  I was team captain, and being team captain helped me find the true meaning in success and teamwork.


Big Blue Soccer Camp has been my daughter’s favorite summer camp for the past 2 years. She is already asking about the camp for this summer. At Big Blue Soccer Camp I see the children become part of a personal, supportive environment where everyone is included and encouraged. I am always impressed after the first day of camp when the coaches and many of the campers can call my daughter by her first name. By the end of the week, the coach is able to give us a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of her skills. Each year she improves her soccer skills, but even more importantly, she has fun and ends the week excited about soccer. In her own words:“Big Blue Soccer Camp is totally fun and you can win the Big Blue Cup.”

-Janine and Erin

I love Big Blue soccer camp!  It is awesome!  I look forward to Big Blue every summer.  All the coaches are really nice.  They teach you skills but make it fun.  During the day you play games like Hunter Rabbit.  The games are fun and you are still learning new skills.  My favorite part of camp is the Big Blue Cup.  The coaches make it fun and exciting!  Come out to Big Blue.  Bring your friends or come by yourself and make new friends!